Author: John Deutsch

Medical Web Experts launches new HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting
Most HIPAA compliant cloud hosting services don’t do a very good job of making considerations for the application or website they’re hosting. This creates a disconnect between developers and systems administrators, putting more pressure on the system administrators to customize the environment to support the software, which they likely don’t…

Patient portal needed
A recent study conducted by researchers at Yale University found significant deficiencies among 83 of the nation’s largest hospitals and health systems in how they provide medical record access to their patient population. One might expect that this deficiency was limited to limitations with the online medical record, patient portal or medical records…

hipaa compliant email messaging
Updated on January 18, 2021. Why secure patient-provider communication is required Patients require open communication with their healthcare providers before and after their appointments, and with the rise of telehealth, SMS/email communication is even more prevalent. It has been found that patients are moving away from live telephone calls and…
John Deutsch
John Deutsch

Founder and CEO of Bridge Patient Portal, and business owner of 19 years with extensive experience in Healthcare IT. John is a Judge for the 2020 eHealthcare Leadership Awards and has appeared on multiple podcasts, including the Outcomes Rocket Podcast and the Hospital Finance Podcast.